Crystal - "Agate" Cave #1131

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Crystal Agate cave (Dyed)
Dimensions 6.57cm (w) x 4.77cm (l) x 7.12cm (h)
Weight 318g
Origin USA
Product Code #1131

Agates can come in a variety of colours with some agates being dyed to look more attractive.  They are commonly found all over the world and can be great grounding stones, balancing the yin and yang energies as well as the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies.  A calming stone, Agates can stabilise the aura and transforms and eliminates any negative energies.  Psychologically, it can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision.  It provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens ones inherent talents.  It can facilitate the acceptance of one’s self, building one’s confidence over time.  This crystal can also be used to produce inspiration and physically has been known to strengthen vision, diminish thirst, heal skin disorders, and cleanse the lymphatic system.


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