CD - Joe Dispenza "Pineal Gland, The"

CD - Joe Dispenza "Pineal Gland, The"

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The Pineal Gland:  Tuning into Higher Dimensions of Time and Space
By Dr Joe Dispenza

Recommended only for those who have attended Dr. Joe’s Advanced Workshops or read his book Becoming Supernatural.
For more information about the pineal gland and this meditation, please refer to Chapter 12 in Becoming Supernatural. For meditation instructions, please refer to Chapters 9-13 in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

If someone can sit in a chair with their eyes closed during meditation and have a significantly heightened sensory experience without their senses, it begs the question: What is happening in the brain to explain this supernatural effect?
When your pineal gland (or the third eye) is awakened because it is picking up higher frequencies, these higher energies alter the chemistry of melatonin; the higher the frequency, the greater the alteration. It’s this translation of information into chemistry that primes you for those transcendental, mystical moments. Now you’re opening the door to higher dimensions of space and time.
This is why I like to call the pineal gland an alchemist—because it transmutes melatonin into some very profound, radical neurotransmitters. As you connect to deeper levels of the unified field, the brain is activated by a greater energy that carries specific information in the form of thoughts and imagery. This is the instant the brain and body receive a biological upgrade.
Since melatonin levels are at their height between 1-4 am., this is the best time to do this meditation.

Running Time: 79 Minutes
Breathing Music by Barry Goldstein