CD - Christopher WIllard "Practices for Growing Up Mindful"

CD - Christopher WIllard "Practices for Growing Up Mindful"

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Practices for Growing Up Mindful
By Christopher Willard

We do our best when we feel relaxed, capable, and confident. Teenagers and children are no different. Practices for Growing Up Mindful offers parents, educators, counselors, and caregivers a wealth of exercises and meditations to empower our kids to handle the stress and complexity of modern life in wise and healthy ways.

With this audio companion to his book Growing Up Mindful, Dr. Christopher Willard brings you the tools he has found the most effective in his work with children and teens and as a leader in training educators, therapists, and other professionals. Organized to address the three core building blocks of mindfulness, here are 38 practices including:

– Guided visualizations that tap the power of the imagination to strengthen our ability to pay attention on purpose
– Body-based practices to cultivate present-moment contact
– Self-compassion practices for acceptance and non-judgment
– Portable short practices to instill mindful moments into your day

Mindfulness practice encourages us to slow down, stop the rush, be instead of do, and experience instead of just think, teaches Dr. Willard. Practices for Growing Up Mindful is your entryway to sharing the life-changing art of mindfulness.

Christopher Willard, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and consultant specializing in bringing mindfulness into education and psychotherapy. The author of Child’s Mind, Growing Up Mindful, and other books, he teaches at Harvard Medical School and leads workshops around the world.