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World Animal Dreaming
By Scott Alexander King

We are all born with a pre-determined set of totemic animal blueprints that give us a sense of unity and purpose. Your animal messenger represents your strengths and weaknesses, your power, connection to Spirit and your soul essence.

Offering messages and illustrations of approximately 350 of the world's most exotic species, WORLD ANIMAL DREAMING provides you with the key to find your true totemic blueprint. It covers all of the world's animals, from Asia, Europe, North, Central and South America, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East.

The purpose of this revised and expanded edition of WORLD ANIMAL DREAMING is to be used as a spiritual field guide to help you find your totemic animal, unlock your creativity and potential. It may, also, help you find your true vocation and calling, gain insight into your hobbies and health, relationships, legal issues, death, sexuality, spirituality, religion, education, wisdom and travel, your life purpose and sense of personal power.

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328 pages