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Mama Moon's Book of Magic:  A life-changing guide to spells, crystals, manifestations and living a magical existence
By Semra Haksever

The ultimate guide to modern magic and how to use it.

Mama Moon, a.k.a. eclectic witch and bohemian entrepreneur Semra Haksever, is back with her third book of magic for the modern world. Inside her most comprehensive magical handbook yet, find spells to enhance every part of daily life - from work to health, friendship to romantic love - together with seasonal spells to help you navigate full moons, equinoxes and solstices. Plus all the info on how to troubleshoot spells, perform daily rituals, bless candles, and activate your crystals.

Alongside spells, Mama Moon also includes information on how to manifest magical intentions, create vision boards, read tarot from a deck of playing cards, and learn the basics of palmistry. Also featured are recipes for lotions and body oils to revive an inner spiritual goddess or warrior, depending on what life demands on the day.

16cm (w) x 21cm (l) x 2.5cm


224 pages