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The Four Purposes of Life:  Finding Meaning and Direction in a Changing World
By Dan Millman

The literal millions who have read Dan Millman's books know that he approaches the complex topic of life's meaning with a unique and exceedingly appealing blend of wisdom, wit, and practicality. His insights connect with people where they are -- and then move them forward. Those at a crossroads, facing a challenge, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the workings of the world will find realistic, doable action steps. These practices amount to the kind of "Humanity Curriculum" many of us never studied. As readers Learn Life's Lessons, Find Career and Calling, Discover Life's Path, Attend to the Arising Moment, and for "extra credit," Explore Spiritual Purpose, insights accumulate. Direction is clarified and the authentic and unique life purpose each of us is meant to live illuminated.

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