Book - Egyptian Symbols For You

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Egyptian Symbols For You
By Peter Dean

Spirituality was an important part of life for the ancient Egyptians. They believed that they were surrounded by a supernatural world all the time. Their gods and goddesses were, of course, invisible, but people accepted their presence everywhere. Not surprising then that the ancient Egyptians created an extensive world of symbolism and symbols. The power of these images influenced all sorts of activities and events.

It can still be felt when looking through the pages of this book. Because their esoteric meaning is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. They give strong guidance and, like oracle cards, offer an instant reading for your personal use.

For a better understanding of this fascinating culture, this book also includes a short history, a look at the social life of the ancient Egyptians, their writing and literature, and their religious beliefs.

Peter Dean lives in Australia. He has been involved with symbols for about thirty years and is the successful author of “The Power of Symbols”. He has given many lectures and workshops on the subject and conducts “Symbol Meditations”. With his readings he has been able to counsel and help innumerable people in Australia, Europe and the United States.