Aromatherapy Roll-On Perfumes - "Headache Healer"

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TITLE "Headache Healer"
DIMENSIONS (APPROX.) 1.9cm (w) x 1.9cm (l) x 8.5cm (h)
SIZE 10ml

Fractioned coconut oil

Pure essential oils of:
- lavender (lavandula angustifolia)
- organic peppermint (mentha piperita)
- lime (citrus aurantifolia)

ORIGIN Made in South Australia

These Aromatherapy pulse point roll-on perfumes have been mindfully crafted with your emotional well-being in mind.  Locally made in South Australia, these roll-ons have been blended with 100% PURE essential oils for your daily aromatherapy hit!

This is a concentrated blend of pure essential oils created to help ease the symptoms that come with headache, tension, nausea and brain fog.

Roll onto temples (closer to ears, not eyes), back of neck and wrists.
Not suitable for children under 8 years.


Before application, please ask your medical professional to check if this product is suitable for you.