Aromatherapy Diffuser - Silverstone "Ultrasonic Genie"

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Box:  12cm (w) x 12cm (l) x 23cm (h)
Diffuser:  11.2cm (diameter) x 22cm (h)

These diffusers are a safe and effective way to use pure essential oils therapeutically or simply for creating your desired ambience.  Cool touch, cool mist ultrasonic technology disperses essential oil molecules into the air in their purest form to help create your ideal environment.  Practice therapeutic aromatherapy or simply choose the aroma you love.  Create the mood of your choice with the essential oils you use.

  • Safe and easy to use and clean. 
  • Energy efficient
  • Lead, mercury and BP free
  • No UV or IR light
  • 100ml water tank
  • Working time up to 5hrs
  • Automatically switches off when water level is low
  • 1yr warranty
  • Colour changing LED light