Aromatherapy Diffuser - Aryya "Ultrasonic Mini Orb"

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Box:  12.4cm (w) x 12.4cm (l) x 9.2cm (h)
Diffuser:  12cm (diameter) x 8.5cm (h)

Enhance your environment with these safe and effective diffusers.  This popular type of diffuser uses water and electronic frequencies to create a mist which can help relax, invigorate and purify the environment that you're in.   These are great because they only use a small amount of essential oil and can act as a humidifier as well if you live in a drier climate. There is very little to no noise associated with ultrasonic diffusers, making them perfect for nighttime use as well.

  • Auto off
  • Ultra quiet
  • 7 colour LED
  • Covers 10-25m2
  • 9hrs continuous
  • 150ml water tank
  • Approx. 250g (without water)